Mid-Summer 2021 Church Update

If you are new to our parish or have not formally registered, please do so.  We want to keep our parish list current and make sure that you receive all of our communications.  Don’t miss out on what is happening in your parish community!  There are important dates coming up for social events and registration for the sacraments.  Please update your contact information if you have moved or changed your email address.

There are still church directories and family photos to be picked up.

There are photos of Confirmation candidates from both this year and last year that have not yet been picked up.

Please pick these up after mass or during our office hours.

For donations to our church:  you may use pre-authorized payments (please fill out application form), E-transfer to [email protected], or use envelopes.

For those using envelopes, please remember to use your assigned envelopes whenever possible.  If you use a blank envelope or one from the church, please make sure you put your name and/or envelope number on it. If you do not, we will not be able to record your donation and you will not receive the tax credit.

If you miss a week, you do not need to send in all of the envelopes for the missed weeks.  We do not keep track of donations by week.  Please put your entire donation into one envelope and throw out any unused ones.

Please make sure that we have your correct address on file for tax receipts.  Let us know if you have moved.

Please do not use old envelopes, as an old number may have been deleted from our system or assigned to someone else.

There are still envelopes for this year that have not been picked up.  If you did not get your envelopes for this year (2021) please pick them up after mass or during our office hours.

If you would like to start using envelopes, please call the office.