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In your charity, kindly pray for the following intentions

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financial problems of pet charity

please pray for pet charity L. to get donations to buy food for pets and pay veterinary bill. Urgently, thanks

an ba
October 23, 2022


please pray for the healing of Denise EALY from nerve damage

October 23, 2022


– Complete healing of my Vertigo & Irregular heart rhythm
– To take a right decision on to become a Deacon
– To get a good, Mon-Fri day job with high pay
– Financial security & to take right decisions on Investments

William Rodrigues
October 23, 2022


Can you please continue to pray for continued healing in all areas for 3 people with very serious illness and their family. Two of them are still fighting for their lives. Please pray for God’s guidance and protection and for a very strong awareness of His Presence, and that He is with them through this whole thing. Please pray for the family and staff to work together in love and to get the people and help that they need to heal. Please pray for the staff to develop a relationship with the person being helped. Please pray for them all to fulfill the calling that God has on their lives. Please pray for them to respect the decisions that the ones who are sick make. Please pray that God changes what was meant for bad for His glory. Thx so much. God, please Bless you.

October 14, 2022

Praying for my daughter

LORD JESUS CHRIST Thanksgiving to you for giving my daughter good health . Bless daughter to come out of the worry, tension and sadness created by the lady and her son by way of taking for marriage. Lord Jesus You heal my daughter and remove all the worries and heal her inner wounds Grant her H1B visa.blessings with good health and grant her H1B visa
Lord Jesus Christ bless her to find a suitable life partner
Lord what is your plan for my daughter life . Lord Jesus you find and bless the suitable boy for my daughter . Lord you intervene her marriage to find a suitable boy for my daughter and bless her.
Dear brothers and sisters We are requesting you to pray for my daughter our special INTENSIONS for praying are:
1. Daughter to find a suitable life partner for her marriage
2. Grant her employment visa H1B. Lord Jesus grant luck to
Got selected her name for getting H1B visa.
3 Lord bless her studies she started due to the requirements for the rules daughter not received H 1B visa . Lord bless her to grant H 1B visa. Bless her studies
Lord Jesus you give more patient and wisdom to my daughter and give her your blessings . Bless her job and the house she is living. Lord grant her employment visa and H1B visa . Lord Jesus bless her studies. Grant her H1B lord Jesus Christ.
Lord Jesus grant wisdom to select suitable life partner for her successful marriage to get happiness joy and peace of mind with wisdom
Lord Jesus you intervene daughter to find a suitable boy. Lord only you can be a supportive and give more strength to my daughter
Jesus Christ dear Mother Mary saint Micheal Sain Gabriel heal and blessings my daughter and help to select a suitable life partner for her marriage to live with happiness and give peace of mind. Dear lord Jesus lord please do not get any trouble attack my Daughter she is alone now. Lord you bless her and heal her inner wounds
Lord Jesus forgive her all the sins give her your anointing touching and heal her all the inner wounds. Protecting my daughter not receiving any trouble from others . Holy Spirit blessing our daughter.
Dear Rev Father, Rev Sister and loving brother and sister requesting you to pray for my daughter and bless her to select the suitable boy for her marriage and live happily
My daughter is living alone
Dear Lord Jesus you become a companion for her Lord Jesus Christ ,Mother Mary , Dear Saint Antony , Saint Michael bless daughter to find a suitable boy for her marriage.
Lord Jesus Christ you touch my daughter s all the painful area of life and give your healing. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ we humbly requesting you to heal my daughter inner healing and grant daughter good health peace of mind and wisdom to handle with love affection and caring way.
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ
Blessings and healing my daughter and touching painful area of her daily life. Grant good health to my daughter.
Please answer our prayer requests and grant our daughter good health.
Lord Jesus Christ we are looking for a suitable life partner for our daughter. Lord Jesus Christ you show her / show us the suitable boy for her marriage. Lord Jesus Christ you intervene and find a boy for my daughter
Thanksgiving to lord Jesus Christ for all Your blessings. Thank you Jesus Thank you Mother ,

October 14, 2022