Prayers for daughter

Please pray for my daughter Dev, clear all acne and scarring on her face now and for her to stop the use of the acne oral medication because of the side effects. Pray that her and J will  work out their issues so that their love for each other, maturity, history together, communication, schools and circumstances will support and restore a happy committed relationship with each other. Thank you for bringing SF into Dev’s  life when she was alone and needed a friend the most and pray that their friendship will continue to grow, continue being each other’s best friends, including each other to do things together and that their circle of friends grows together now with friends in Jesus’ likeness – friendly, outgoing, inclusive, similar in values, positive attitude and happy. Pray for Dev to have positive results as she is working on her anxiety and social anxiety by staying positive about the school and people there, by being confident and courageous now in meeting people, growing friendships and taking action now to do more to be a part of the school community so that she will have happy memorable relationships and experiences now. Please
pray that there are peers who will go out of their way to introduce and want to get to know Dev. Pray that Dev mentally is successful getting the help she needs through continued therapy sessions with no medication, setting and reaching her personal goals, having confidence and being grateful and accepting help from Dean S, school community, her therapist, us as parents, family and friends. Please pray for miracles that Dev will find happiness staying at the school she is at now and giving it a chance; if not, please guide her to find and get accepted into the right school for the fall. Please guide Dev to use her God-given gifts of speed, athleticism, body muscles and strength to her fullest potential now, finding her passion again and a way to use these physical gifts. Please pray through miracles and situations, she truly is happy and successful mentally, physically, educationally, emotionally, and socially with relationships especially with friends, peers and love, with our family relationship, and truly enjoys and has a positive attitude with all aspects of her life.